Samsung Electronics, the leading manufacturer of digital home appliances, announced the launch of eight new WA washing machines including top loading machines with Wobble technology.


Samsung Electronics and InterContinental Hotel Jeddah, in collaboration with the Disabled Children’s Association (DCA), organized a charity sahoor for the disabled.
The event was held in the presence of Prince Sultan bin Nasser, Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Nasser and Prince and First Pilot Lt. Abdullah bin Sultan bin Nasser.
Jae Cheon Park, GM of Samsung Electronics for Saudi Arabia, said: “This event is held as a small gesture of giving back to the community that chose Samsung to be their preferred brand.”


وقّعت مجموعة المتبولي المتحدة اتفاق وكالة حصرية في السعودية مع مجموعة تكنوغاز الإيطالية الشركة المصنعة لأفران تكنوغاز الإيطالية. هذا وقد وقع الاتفاق رئيس مجلس إدارة مجموعة المتبولي المتحدة المهندس عدنان متبولي مع الرئيس العام لشركة تكنوغاز في مدينة غوالتيري الإيطالية السيد أنطونيو دي توماسو

وأوضح المهندس عدنان متبولي خلال المؤتمر الصحافي الذي أقيم بفندق هيلتون جدة بقوله: «إن الحصول على هذه الوكالة الإيطالية العالمية يأتي استمراراً لاستراتيجية المجموعة بالتعامل مع كبرى الشركات في العالم، وتقديم أفضل المنتجات لأسواق المملكة بما يخدم مصلحة المستهلك السعودي.


JEDDAH - Tecnogas, a byword in home cooking appliances for consistently being the world's first in terms of innovation and invention, is launching today (Saturday) a new range of ovens for discerning customers in Saudi Arabia.
Tecnogas is the most popular oven brand in the Saudi market, due to its high- quality finish, unique designs and safety features that best suit the Saudi consumer's needs and aspirations.


smart TvSAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, launched its 2013 Samsung Smart TV lineup during a press conference organized in Jeddah in presence and in partnership with Adnan Matbouli, CEO of United Matbouli Group, trusted distributors. They also announced the Samsung Fair set to take place from May 18-28 in Red Sea Mall.

Samsung’s 2013 Smart TVs allow users to enjoy a more seamless and immersive entertainment viewing experience raising the bar with unprecedented and integrated special features for all and distinctive picture quality in each.


Gratefully (SEHAI) represent their third class of Saudi students graduate for United Matbouli Group – UMG.


United Matbouli Group is proud to announce, “Discover the world of possibilities”, a 14 day Samsung fair. The event will be held in Jeddah and Riyadh during the following days:

- Jeddah: Red Sea Mall – Fountain Area from 18th to 31st May and one on 18th -30th of Sept, 2013

- Riyadh: Gharnatah Mall from 11th to 22nd June and again on 4th to 14th of Sept, 2013


United Matbouli Group (UMG), the exclusive distributor of all Samsung products across Saudi, has announced its post-sale services for the Eco Bubble washing machine. This first-of-its-kind service across the Kingdom was launched last March 2013 and will go on


UMG has opened a new Samsung store, Al-Zahir, in Makkah. This new store is an addition to the existing 27 other UMG Samsung showroom around the kingdom to get closer to customers and fulfill their needs. For information about this new showroom,Simply, contact us through 920008202 or with our social media channels

Samsung launches superb Rambo-P Vacuum in the Saudi market

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics has launched the highly accredited and award winning Rambo- P vacuum (SC9671) in the Saudi market, featuring all-new spiral movement technology (NEO SPIRAL). This special technology ensures separation of dirt from the air keeping the home environment clean with its 2,200 watt suction power, 300 watt, 2-liter capacity with HEPA filter 13, and swept away the product design award for the current year 2012.


Providing premium after-sales service under the slogan ‘Customer is my Boss’

UMG Service CentersJeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- 2nd April 2012- United Matbouli Group (UMG), the sole distributor for Samsung Electronics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today announced the re-opening of their service center in Jeddah under the Slogan of ‘customer is my boss’ that leverages the bar in consumer after sales-services of Samsung products. The center covers a space of over 1,500 square meters located in Al Ruwais district in Jeddah. In addition to that, UMG constructed a central spare parts warehouse in Al Khumrah district in Jeddah, with over 1,000 square meters in space.



In continuous efforts to provide the most innovative technology

DVM Desert UnitsJeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- 10th March 2012- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, launched their most innovative AC technology, the Digital Variable Multi (DVM) air conditioning system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The announcement came part of a series of seminars that were conducted in Jeddah and Riyadh where Samsung Electronics presented the concept to local construction companies, consultants and projects developers and showcased the new technology, which is the first product with such an offering in the Kingdom and across the Gulf.



Elegant design and a wide range of smart updated features and applications have been combined to elevate the experience of TV entertainment

Samsung Smart TVSamsung’s Smart TVs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia see unique additions

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- 16th March 2012- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, recently announced the official release of updated content and brand new and innovative ‘smart’ applications to their Smart TV line up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Samsung’s announcements came in line with their willingness to continue to present to their customers with the most up-to-date technologies and applications to be constantly in line, and exceeding, with the global standards of TV entertainment, in addition to being the first in the Kingdom to experience the features and capabilities of these advanced updates and additions.


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