Vacuum Cleaner Canister SC21F60WA

Price: 1,030 SAR
Manufacturer: Samsung
Perfectly clean, no more worries about scratches An extremely powerful performance ensures deep and intensive cleaning. But the soft, curved bar of its unique Air Cushion Protector also protects your valuable furniture from the scratches and dents caused by collisions.
Surprisingly powerful
A powerful motor and pick-up brush help ensure extreme suction power and clean carpets throughout the house. 
On any surface, it quickly and effortlessly picks up everything – large or small.
Extreme suction for a long time
CycloneForce's strong centrifugal force separates dirt 
and debris into an outer chamber. 
So it maintains suction power, 
as it keeps the filter clean and prevents it from clogging.
Easy to empty and clean
The Easy Dustbin is simple to remove and empty without spilling any dust. 
Quickly detach with the push of a button, twist open the cover 
and tip the contents into the trash can.
Advanced grip for 
spotless cleaning
The improved adhesion of the Extreme Force Brush 
diffuses pressure evenly over the brush to enable the 
powerful pick-up of dust and particles and 
ensure a more effective overall performance.
Easy to reach controls
The Remote Control Handle features built-in control buttons 
that are always within easy reach, 
so you can quickly turn the machine on/off and 
select the optimum suction power without interrupting your cleaning.
* 2 AAA batteries are required )
Perfectly clean any area
Offers a choice of accessories to suit different cleaning needs. 
The Parquet Master Brush for hard floors, 
the Power Pet Plus Brush for pet hairs and a 3-in-1 accessory pack for crevices, 
dusting and upholstery.
Parquet Master Brush Power Pet Plus Brush Crevice Brush Dusting Brush Upholstery Brush


  • Vitality Red


  • 2,100 Watts Max Consumption Power
  • 530 Watts Suction Power
  • 79 dBA Noise Level


  • HEPA13 Exhaust Filter available

Basic Feature

  • Body Variable available
  • Electronic Filter Check available
  • Telescopic AL available
  • Power Cord Length: 7m
  • 10.5m Action Radius available
  • 360 Swivel Hose available
  • 298mm Cleaning Width
  • Auto Cord Rewinder available
  • Rubber Wheel available
  • Furniture Guard available

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