THIS IS QLED TV, Part 3: Optimized for the Typical TV Viewing Environment

While most of the world tunes into their favorite TV shows during the dark evening hours, viewers spend a large amount of time in front of their TV sets in bright environments.

According to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the average home illuminance (or light) level in the U.S. and European countries is 70 lux in the evening and 125 lux during daytime. The average daily illuminance level in the typical U.S. and European home is about 75 lux, which is the approximate outdoor illuminance level at sunrise. The level is twice as high in Asian countries, including Korea: 175 at night and 250 during the day.


THIS IS QLED TV, Part 2: Winning the Top 5%

Today’s global TV market is simply massive. Each year, manufacturers around the world produce a wide range of TVs that collectively exceed some 200 million units. Although the high-end TV category accounts for just five percent of that yearly total (a little more than 10 million units), it also represents the corner of the market that TV manufacturers focus on the most. For example, when most manufacturers showcase their wares at CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics tradeshow, they highlight offerings that target the premium segment of the TV market. But why exactly do TV manufacturers compete so fiercely to cater to such a small selection of consumers? Premium TVs: A Golden Goose for Manufacturers


THIS IS QLED TV, Part 4: Burn-In Free QLED TVs, the Solution for Video Game Enthusiasts

In recent years, there have been huge advances in gaming. Console manufacturers are producing systems that support 4K graphics and High Dynamic Range (HDR), taking gaming to a new level. In line with this trend, TV makers have also been producing new TVs to come alongside these consoles in producing the crisp, bright and colorful images expected by gamers, and ultimately elevate the gaming experience.


THIS IS QLED TV, Part 1: 2017 QLED TV Sales Getting into Full-swing

This year’s global TV market sales are heating up. Now in the second quarter of 2017, global TV manufacturers are vying for the attention of consumers by showcasing their latest premium TVs – products that are presently driving the entire television market. Among them, Samsung Electronics, the world’s No. 1 TV maker for 11 consecutive years, is looking to yet again take the lead with its 2017 QLED TV. In the first segment of the “THIS IS QLED TV” series, Samsung Newsroom will illustrate how the company is working to lead the premium TV market with the QLED TV.


 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has launched its new Samsung top-mounted freezer (TMF) refrigerator, the RT7000, in Saudi Arabia. Designed to enhance modern living and deliver a more comfortable home, Samsung is the first manufacturer to bring its unique Twin Cooling Plus technology to the TMF category.


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