Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in technology and electronics, along with United Matbouli Group, launched its latest inventions in home appliances — (RH9000) Food Showcase refrigerator and (WW9000) Blue Crystal washing machine at a ceremony in Saudi Arabia. JaeCheon Park, GM, Samsung Electronics KSA, said: "Samsung usually introduces new products in the market and the household appliances that we are launching this year are very unique in concept.

The design of the new Blue Crystal washing machine allows its owner to place it anywhere in the household because it is very quiet and can be considered as an elegant decorative item. The Food Showcase refrigerator adds to the home elegance and facilitates the process of arranging foods and conveniently accessing them. Samsung has thus given through its two distinctive products new solutions for the family in the Kingdom." Adnan Matbouli, CEO of United Matbouli Group, said: "We are proud of the fruitful partnership with Samsung. And as Samsung provides its consumers with the best and latest technologies, we promise to do our best to ensure the success of Samsung devices through our points of sale across the Kingdom and through the continuous improvement of our after-sales services." The Food Showcase refrigerator is characterized by quickly and easily accessing the on-the-go items as well as arranging them, which spares the trouble of searching for any food item in the fridge. The biggest beneficiary of this innovation is the housewife as the refrigerator grants her many new facilities designed with the innovative dual door; the exterior showcase offers instant access to drinks and condiments and makes it accessible and is in plain view to all members of the family, while the InnerCase allows for practical storage of fresh food items. The Blue Crystal washing machine is equipped with Ecobubble technology. It has been created by Samsung keeping in mind the troubles of working women to find the time needed to finish their household chores.



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