Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has upheld its promise to put forward a great user experience for the consumers. It joins together the immersive viewing experience with the “unmatched” UHD large-screen TV quality to broaden the horizons of TV entertainment.




Amin Khyat, marketing director of United Matbouli Group, stated: “We have witnessed a significant increase in the demand of large-screen TVs and Samsung’s UHD TV sets deliver both the optimal experience and ultimate TV entertainment sensation. Larger TVs require smarter technology, which Samsung truly delivers in its piece-of-art UHD TV with an exponential number of pixels, a myriad of new superior features that heighten picture quality next to embedded services and applications, Internet connectivity and uncountable content. And the beauty of it is that the viewer can run all his commands on the interface straight away, no devices needed.”
Thanks to UHD up-scaling, featured on all Samsung UHD TVs, viewers are treated to the best possible picture in true-to-life clarity and detail, regardless of picture source.


With this new smart TV generation, Samsung took home entertainment to the next level offering exclusive content strengthened with 4K technology, a surrounding 3D audio experience and a greater color palette.
This is further enhanced by Samsung’s proprietary auto depth enhancer (ADE), which automatically adjusts the image contrast for a greater sense of depth effect coupled with Samsung’s signature PureColor technology; images on screen are heightened to bring the film makers’ vision to life.
Samsung added to its usual Smart TV panels, a Games’ Panel especially designed for Samsung UHD TVs, which users can easily access by upgrading their smart system. The panel includes new games recently added in May 2015.


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